Let us share a little with you on why we love plus and fat wheeled bikes. Mega traction, control and comfort are just a few words we use when talking about these bikes.

We LOVE fat bikes.  They are super stable and super grippy over roots and rocks and float over snow, sand, mud(pretty much anything soft). Most of all they are SUPER FUN.

Now there is an even NEWER evolution to this segment, the PLUS SIZE bike. Some call them half fat bikes but we just call them "freaking awesome". They have all the big tire benefits but an even more adventurous soul.

Here are a few recommendations from some cool companies. Don't see what you are looking for or have a question? Just give us a call.

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Click the logo to see full line of bikes

Norco TORRENT 27.5+ FS and HT

Torrent is Norco’s first ever 650B Plus trail mountain bike. Designed from the ground up with Trail geometry, 45mm rims, and 3” tires, the Torrent is an aggressive hardtail mountain bike with a quick but stable manner that will have riders whooping with joy on flowing singletrack, dominating rocks and roots on technical downhills, and tackling steep, loose climbs with ease. Novice and experienced riders alike will benefit from the increased traction and control of the Torrent. A brand new model for 2017, the Torrent FS+ is our first ever 650B Plus full suspension bike. Designed from the ground up with aggressive all-mountain geometry, 130mm A.R.T. suspension and trail-taming 2.8" wide tires, the Torrent devours everything in its path. Conquer gnarly root sections, float over rock gardens and claw up steep, loose technical climbs with ease. Fun and aggressive with traction in spades, the Torrent FS takes all-mountain riding to a whole new level.

Norco Fluid Plus FS & HT

The Fluid FS & HT 7+ are the perfect trail weapons. With no-compromise geometry designed around 650b plus wheels, the Fluid 7+ is optimized to get maximum fun out of every trail you ride. The trail-tuned A.R.T. suspension and short, stiff rear end will have you snapping around corners, exploding up technical climbs, and flowing through rocky, rooty descents. Take your trail riding to the next level with the Fluid 7+.



Norco Fat Bikes are designed to carry adventurous riders out into wild places not normally accessible to bicycles. Fat tires help the bike float through sand, snow, mud and other variable terrain, opening the door to epic beach rides and mid-winter expeditions. Lightweight, Norco-designed aluminum frames balance efficiency with comfort; they are sturdy, stable and surprisingly maneuverable. Upright geometry encourages a heads-up positioning that encourages riders to soak in their surroundings as they pedal through places where bikes rarely go.

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Click the logo to see full line of bikes


DEVINCI – Marshal aka Jimi Marshal Hendrix -VOODOO CHILD

The Marshal experience is all about taking the unorthodox and owning it. It excels in mixed-bag elements and storms varied, unforgiving terrain with the multitasking muscle of Devinci’s Optimum G04 Aluminum frame paired with proven Split-Pivot suspension. Intuitive frame architecture clears mud quickly—thanks to XL openings below the shock’s lower attachment. Surefooted 27.5+ wheels enhance traction on slippery surfaces and deliver appreciated stability. And Boost 148 axle spacing in rear, 110 in front, bolsters stiffness for superior handling meets massive pedal power. Charge hard with bikes equipped for one itching desire, to go anywhere and everywhere the others won’t.


Rocky Mountain - Blizzard

In order to live up to the legendary Blizzard name, our goal was clear: create a true “mountain-bike-feeling” fat bike. With suspension-optimized design, progressive geometry, and a truly capable parts specs, the Blizzard delivers Rocky Mountain ride quality on snow, sand, and anything else you get yourself into.

We designed the Blizzard with a shorter- than-average top tube to keep it nimble, and wide 4.7” tire clearance for maximum float on soft terrain. Engineering for a suspension fork required optimizing for the additional length while providing an aggressive 68.5° head tube angle.


The bike that is dumbing down the gnarliest trails that BC has to offer is the Pipeline. The confidence of plus-sized tires in raw, technical terrain is now available in an aggressive trail chassis. The new Pipeline plows through greasy roots and square-edged chunder with authority, while providing near limitless traction on rocky, slippery climbs.

Wheel Size: 27.5+ / Intended Use: Aggressive Trail / Front Travel: 150mm / Rear Travel: 130mm

2016 Haro Shift 27.5+ Bikes

Haro's new 2016 27.5-inch Plus bike line lets you experience increased comfort, traction and confidence over any type of rough terrain. Enjoy incredible traction in turns and shorter braking distances whether onboard the Subvert hardtails or the dual-suspended Shift Plus. All our 27.5-inch Plus models feature light and rigid tubeless ready WTB wheelsets with Scraper rims, Trail Blazer 2.8" or Bridger 3.0" tires, TCS rim strips, packaged in a nimble and fast Trail geometry.

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Click the logo to see full line of bikes

Surly Krampus

Krampus is the evolution of the 29er. It’s not a fat bike, half fat maybe. True, its got 3” tires on 50mm rims (we call this combination “29+”). But where fat bikes are really designed for slow-speed crawling, Krampus’s frame (geometry, tubing diameter/thickness) has been designed with a long toptube and as short a rear end as we could get away with given the wheel/tire size. This, when combined with the big, wide tires, results in a mad amount of rolling inertia and grip. It rips and responds well to body English. The big tires also offer a bit of suspension-like cushion. Krampus is a trail bike that also tackles all kinds of terrain. Krampus lives somewhere between bushwhacking, speed racing, and back lot dirt track riding, and all this makes it just plain fun to ride.

Surly Instigator

Some may remember a Surly model we discontinued called the Instigator. The Instigator was a burly hardtail made for going fast and going big. Our new Instigator picks up where that one left off. This thing is beefy and tough, yet quick-handling and well balanced. This new Instigator differs from the old one of course. Most notably, Instigator 2.0 is what we call 26+, designed to run 26˝ (559mm ETRTO) Rabbit Hole rims. At 50mm they’re quite a bit wider than standard MTB rims, and coupled with our 2.75˝ Dirt Wizard tires the overall diameter is about 27.5˝ (roughly 650b). All this means you get loads of traction and cushion yet you can still accelerate like mad. The toptube is long and the wheelbase relatively short, with a nice front/rear balance. This thing is made from the ground up to swoop, rail, hammer, drift, carve and fly. It goes downhill like nobody’s business and climbs well too. Pick your poison.

2017 Tallboy Plus

The Tallboy cuts a whole new swath across the trail bike landscape.

As a 27+ bike it revels in the severe. In desert-dry conditions the wider tires float above the dust and find oases of grip where standard tires flounder. And when the monsoon comes, lower tire pressures pull the Tallboy through the slickest of root sections like a Defender on diff-lock.

A 68 degree head angle and 110mm of VPP travel distills the original Tallboy’s playful character into something all the more mischievous. Longer reach and shorter chainstays fuel that personality, and bring the Tallboy bang up to date with the rest of the Santa Cruz range.

The versatile trail bike of choice for rapid riders like Greg Minnaar—the Tallboy is for those who don’t roll with the pack.

2017 Hightower Plus

When conditions get loose and the traction just ain’t there, you’ll want to reach for bigger tires. 27.5+ elevates Hightower to a whole different level, enabling you to rise above the pow, rail the soft spots and carry momentum where standard tires bog down.

No matter what size you run, geometry remains optimized thanks to a neat little “High/Low” setting on the upper link that flips to adjust bottom bracket height*.  Hightower’s 67° head angle, longer reach and trim chain stays combine to create an altogether different class of dreadnought in any configuration.

135mm of VPP® travel is reinforced by a 148 rear axle spacing and the kind of Nomad-style linkage arrangement and swingarm design we reserve for the heaviest hitters in our model line up.  The resulting package leaves Hightower standing head and shoulders above anything else out there.


11nine Epicyon's fixed pivot rear end is sure to please with 110 mm of pure travel.  The lower piston shock barrel mounts back to the frame just above the bottom bracket.  Want a more traditional mountain bike feel - then this is it.  Reaction to the bumps and jumps is just a little stiffer, but you're still going to love it.


The Jones Plus is a bike for riding fast, slow, the rough with the smooth; safely, aggressively, laid-back or raging; with a big load or stripped to the bare essentials; on road, dirt, mud, snow; in the mountains, on the flat lands, around town or across the county; around the world or your local loop; for getting rad or just getting away. It sets a new standard for bikepacking yes, but it’s so much more than that – it’s a bike for technical trails and big trips. It really does it all. I’m really excited by this bike. It’s good. – Jeff Jones

Jones Spaceframe – Why this bike?
It's a high performance non-suspension bicycle... instead of designing the bike for XC-racing like so many unsuspended bikes I wanted this bike to be better for technical and distance riding... Since this bike is not designed around a suspension fork I'm able to do much more to improve the handling. By designing the frame and fork together and considering the larger wheels I'm able to make a bike that rides very differently to a 'normal' rigid bike (be it 26 or 29er) with a short rake fork. 

My bike has a slacker seat-tube and a shorter top-tube than 'normal' bikes... the head angle and rake with this wheel size (more rake, slacker head-tube-angle and bigger wheel) determines the trail which helps determine the handling. Slacker angles keep the rider's weight off the hands and makes the front end easy to lift; the center of gravity is moved back and down for more control, with less shock to the upper body, more traction under braking, and a bike that is much harder to endo. This bike feels quick but also has a laid back feel. It's the best handling bike I've designed.– Jeff Jones

The Foes Mutz is a Fatbike with racing pedigree.

Don’t let the big fat tires fool you in thinking that this bike has only one purpose.

The all new Foes Mutz fat tire bike will take you places you only dreamed about. This handcrafted monocoque top tube, hydro formed down tube 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum frames, with adjustable rear wheel travel from 5-5.5” . Lets you plow through any type of terrain in comfort. Innovation, design and attention to detail is what separates FOES from everybody else. When you ride the Foes Mutz for the first time you’ll know what we mean.

Foes Alpine Plus - 27.5+

The smaller but nimble little sibling to the Mutz fat bike. The Foes Alpine+ brings a new tire size that is meant to bridge the gap between standard mountain bike tires and Foes Fat Bikes.  Naturally we had to start with a clean slate, the head angle, BB height,  and chain stay length had to be perfect with the new BOOST specs.   The 2.3:1 leverage ratio gives you a nice rising rate 5"or 5.5" travel position.  The Alpine+ is the perfect bike to take you on trail that other bikes would have problems and give the confidence and control.